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Export module

What is it?

Export module

Do you need to export products from your PrestaShopTM store to a CSV or XML file? The PrestaExport module allows you to do it by choosing what data you want to include. Whether to publish in marketplaces (Pixmania, Carrefour, Alibaba, ...), import from another online store or other application, generate data feed for your clients,... PrestaExport is the best option.

Versatile and multifunctional

How is it?

Useful and multifunctional

This module allows you to create several configuration presets, so you can generate several files, each one with a different format. Therefore, you can use it for different purposes. And for each preset you have a lot of options.

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PrestaExport is the module you need. It is developed by PrestaImport, experts in PrestaShopTM.

Buy it now from PrestaImport website, it is not available in PrestaShop Addons or other websites.

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