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PrestaExport is like having many export modules in just one

Yes, beacuse it's very versatile, it has dozens of options, so it's very customizable. And the most surprising thing: you can create different sets of configuration, called presets, each one to generate a different file, for different purposes, such as sending your products to different marketplaces. What's more: you can export the presets and import them in another store, or you can purchase an already predefined preset for a specific purpose, such as sending your products to Facebook.

Highlighted features and functionalities

A set of default configuration, and several differentiated configuration sets or presets.
Choose the directory where the files will be generated, and name the file to be generated for each preset.
Launch processes manually or by cron job, protected by secret key.
Choose what data to export, apply filters (many), reorder the resulting columns, and rename their headers.
Apply format and transform the values ​​of certain fields.
Export price with or without taxes, export prices by groups of clients, apply a percentage to prices.
Limit or not the images to export by product, choose what type of image to export, highlight the main image.
Use the same preset to export products using different languages and/or different currencies.
Developed with performance in mind, it is highly efficient, up to 20 times faster than other export modules.
It incorporates its own activity log, where, for example, file download requests are recorded.

The PrestaExport module has been developed by PrestaImport, experts developers in PrestaShop.

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